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Wolverine Premium Format Figure

Sideshow is proud to present the Wolverine Premium Format™ Figure.

This polystone figure stands 20” tall, with the mutant hero lunging forward atop a severed Sentinel hand base. Wolverine has unsheathed metal claws, and his arms are sculpted with impressive musculature, bulging veins, and painted hair detail.

Wolverine has a savage portrait with a snarling expression and his iconic yellow and black mask. He is clad in a textured and battle-worn yellow and blue costume with a red X-Men insignia belt buckle. Show the Sentinels they are no match for this mighty mutant- add the Wolverine Premium Format™ Figure to your collection today, bub!

License: Marvel
Product Type: Premium Format(TM) Figure
Product Size: 508 x 355 x 381mm
Product Weight: 5.44 kg

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A replica of the sword Sting, lights up and makes battle noises.A replica of the sword Sting, lights up and makes battle noises.

An ancient Elven blade lost during the Fall of Gondolin and found by a Hobbit in a dragon hoard centuries later. Named by the spiders of Mirkwood, many of whom felt it’s sting. The weapon glowed blue in the presence of Orcs who much feared it’s mystic provenance, this blade does the same. Unlike the Sting seen in Lord of the Rings, this does not have the Sindarin script engraved on thecross guard or the blade


Item specification: Weight: 1.45kgs. Length: 81 Width 28 Depth 6.5cmsMaterial: Handle: Diecast metal. Blade: Acrylic.UPC: 812370016914

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Measuring over 5 feet in height this is a full size prop replica of the great wizard’s staff. The crystal at the top lights up.

Used for various spells including illumination and as a most effective weapon, Gandalf also used this as a walking stick, being of considerable age.

Specification Item specification: Weight: 3.12kgs. Length: 83 Width 37 Depth 15cmsMaterial: PVC. Acrylic crystal.UPC: 812370016921

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Statues Dragon Ball

From the popular anime series ´Dragonball Z´ comes this officially licensed figure from Banpresto´s ´Super Master Stars Piece´- series. Made of PVC, 18 cm tall and comes with a display base.


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Child’s Play Chucky Talking Mega-Scale 15-Inch Doll: How do you make a 15-inch tall homicidal doll containing the soul of a serial killer even more terrifying? Make it talk! The Child’s Play Chucky Talking Mega-Scale 15-Inch Doll is a must have for fans of the Child’s Play films.

  • Measures about 15-inches tall and features real cloth Good Guys clothing, 11 points of articulation and his trademark orange hair.
  • He also talks saying 7 spine-chilling phrases pulled directly from the films, this Chucky is guaranteed to thrill.
  • Chucky features realistic glass-like eyes, and a plastic knife that he is sure to use for no good.
  • Each Child’s Play Chucky Talking Mega-Scale 15-Inch Doll comes in collector friendly, film-inspired window box packaging.
  • Remember, he’s your friend to the end! Ages 15 and up.
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A former sheriff deputy, Rick Grimes leads the group of Atlanta survivors in their desperate search for a safe haven from the constant dangers that now lurk among them. As the group looks to rebuild their lives, Rick initially resists his destined leadership role. But as he discovers that there is more than just the undead to worry about, Rick makes the ultimate choice to do whatever it takes to keep his family and friends alive in this less than moral post-apocalyptic world.

McFarlane Toys’ Rick Grimes Vigilante Edition deluxe figure depicts this transformation from a peace keeping deputy to judge, jury, and executioner. This blood splattered 10-inch figure features the exact likeness of the actor, taken from a full 3D scan of the actor himself, Andrew Lincoln.

Figure comes with authentic in-scale replicas of Rick’s machete with red handle, revolver, knife, and d-rings. Also includes an alternate arm and hand to create additional character poses with a various weapon combinations.

Help Rick Grimes take a slice out of crime!

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7-inch action figure


(from McFarlane Toys)

After her parents were killed by slave traders, Mikasa Ackerman was taken in by Eren Jaeger and his family, becoming his adopted sister. After Eren motivates Mikasa to fight back, she becomes very protective of Eren, even following him into joining the military. Graduating at the top of the cadet class, Mikasa is soon referred to as a genius and prodigy, proving to be extremely helpful in the fight against the Titans.

Mikasa Ackerman is sculpted in her iconic Scout Regiment uniform and stands 7-inches tall with multiple articulation points and stylized brand specific display base. 


– Figures stand approximately 7 inches tall.

– Stylized display base for each figure.

– Features accurate and hyper realistic paint decoration.

– Each Color Tops® Collector Edition packaging is uniquely numbered for the ultimate collector.

Approximate scale of figure – 7 inches

The figure will be available BRAND NEW in window box packaging.

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Includes interchangeable left hands: thumbs up or second sword!

Formerly a member of the Weapon X program, Deadpool is a longtime mercenary assassin and independent agent who’s worked alongside just about every superhero and villain from the Avengers to X-Force and everything in between.

He now steps into your house with a fantastic ARTFX+ statue !

Created in 1991 by Fabian Nicieza and Rob Liefeld, Deadpool has his unique style and nonstop witty repartee, not to mention his trademark costume and extensive armory! Wilson makes a stunning debut in the ARTFX+ series as he crouches in preparation for an attack, drawing one of his swords from the sheaths on his back.  Deadpool naturally wears his iconic red and black costume complete with an abundance of straps, pouches, extra ammunition, spare weapons, pointy hood with mask, and of course his cute Deadpool logo belt buckle.

You can choose between interchangeable left hands that either give a thumbs up or wield a second sword!

Sculpted by Junnosuke Abe, the same master craftsman behind the Marvel Now Avengers series, Deadpool stands 15cm tall (1/10th scale) in his deep crouch with perfect stability on his included magnetic display base. Deadpool is of course awesome all on his own, but he also works great with teams and looks fantastic alongside the Avengers and other upcoming Marvel ARTFX+ statues from Kotobukiya!

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Designer: Unspecified

Category: Skulls

Function: Figurine L (30cm – 50cm)

Weight: 1.7000 Kg

Primary Colour: Unspecified

Secondary Colour: Unspecified

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