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  • Prop replica of the brooches given to the Fellowship of the Ring
  • Metal plated with silver
  • Beautiful green enameling
  • Presented in a keepsake pouch and Lord of the Rings logo box
  • Become part of the fellowship
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Measuring over 5 feet in height this is a full size prop replica of the great wizard’s staff. The crystal at the top lights up.

Used for various spells including illumination and as a most effective weapon, Gandalf also used this as a walking stick, being of considerable age.

Specification Item specification: Weight: 3.12kgs. Length: 83 Width 37 Depth 15cmsMaterial: PVC. Acrylic crystal.UPC: 812370016921

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Sold Out Stinger
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A replica of the sword Sting, lights up and makes battle noises.A replica of the sword Sting, lights up and makes battle noises.

An ancient Elven blade lost during the Fall of Gondolin and found by a Hobbit in a dragon hoard centuries later. Named by the spiders of Mirkwood, many of whom felt it’s sting. The weapon glowed blue in the presence of Orcs who much feared it’s mystic provenance, this blade does the same. Unlike the Sting seen in Lord of the Rings, this does not have the Sindarin script engraved on thecross guard or the blade


Item specification: Weight: 1.45kgs. Length: 81 Width 28 Depth 6.5cmsMaterial: Handle: Diecast metal. Blade: Acrylic.UPC: 812370016914

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